Larry D. Kingsley

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Larry D. Kingsley, Author Larry has been writing short stories for about twenty years. Most of his works are rich with stories about his life growing up on a farm in northern New York State. He now resides in Cary, North Carolina, with his wife, Georgeanne, and their best friend, Archie the Dog. His stories have been featured in his hometown’s historical society publications and two anthologies of works published by The Writers Group Encore continuing education at North Carolina State University. Grippo the Friendly Shark was a story inspired by the children he tutors in the YMCA after-school program. He has also become the children’s chief storyteller, and he says, “I teach Imagination 101.” He believes children should develop a creative mind, and his hope is that stimulating their minds at an early age will help develop a lifetime of wonderment.


Larry D. Kingsley has been writing short stories for about fifteen years. Many of his stories revolve around his boyhood days living on a farm in Northern New York. Grippo is his first published book.

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